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It’s time to reveal more than 10.000 woodworking projects. And the best part, you don’t even need DIY experience or technical knowledge for it.

It’s time to quit spending a lot of money on furniture. Instead of that, you can make use of these great woodworking projects to build them yourself!

Sincerely yours,

Owen Riley,

Woodworker DIY-er in heart and soul.

Dear DIY-er,

I love to welcome you to my website. In the first place, I think you might visiting my site because you’re planning to work on a great DIY-project. Am I right?

Most woodworkers or DIY-ers already spent a lot of money and frustration before they discover my website and the more than 10.000 woodworking projects that it includes.

That’s a shame because if you don’t have the right projects, instructions, and dimensions, you aren’t able to finish the project of your dreams in the way you’ve  planned.

You might think you don’t have the skills to make a DIY-project yourself, but that’s not true at all! You just don’t have the right projects to make a nice picnic table, couch, chair or wooden dining table yourself.

Make 10,000 DIY Projects With Step By Step Plans

…even if you don’t have a large workshop or expensive tools!

Each of the 10,000 projects are detailed enough to leave nothing to guesswork yet simple enough for diy beginners.

It contains complete instructions from start to the end, leaving absolutely no guesswork.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

10,000 Woodworking Projects

“Earth’s Biggest Database of Woodworking Projects”

Here’s What You’re Getting:

‌‌‌ √ Instant Access To All 10,000 Projects with step-by-step details, plans, cutting & materials list and more…

‌‌‌ √ Lifetime FREE Monthly Plans – no recurring fees or other charges

‌‌‌ √ A Treasure Trove of Tutorials and in-depth woodworking training

‌‌‌ √ DWG & CAD Plan Viewer so you can edit and modify your projects

‌‌‌ √ 500+ Premium Woodworking Videos covering a wide range of topics, hosted by master woodworkers

‌‌‌ √ Access to Shed Pans, Boat Plans, Chickencoops & and many more..

Plus You’ll Get Monthly FREE Plans For Life

…and you get to choose your own custom projects too

There is a way to build your own DIY-projects in an easy way

As a woodworker and fanatic DIY-er, I was sick and tired of searching for nice projects that give me the information and knowhow I needed. The only thing I wanted is to be able to make all kinds of woodworking projects easily and pleasantly. And look what I have for you now!

Through the years, I collected all of my knowledge for you and brought them together in more than 10.000 woodworking projects. You discover how simple it is to make any kind of DIY project yourself.

I give you the technical knowledge you need on paper and in plans, but also in instruction videos that show you how to build an incredible project yourself.

‌‌‌ ‌‌‌‌ “See What DIY-ERS Have Built With The Plans”


The good news? That struggle is over now!

I’m willing to give you the projects and knowhow that made me an experienced and enthusiastic DIY-er. More than 10.000 woodworking projects, skills, and tips & tricks that have never been revealed before! With this, you can make awesome wooden furniture yourself and also, save yourself a lot of money.

You’re not the only woodworker or DIY-er that struggles with inappropriate projects, dimensions that not seem to be right and a lack of technical know-how. For you, it’s good to know that more than 17.345 people already used my woodworking project collection to be able to get the result they were dreaming of.

No frustrations and no wasted investments. All that’s left is DIY-projects with a result that is even better than they could ever imagine. And yes, from now on this is also possible for you!

Woodworking Made Easy With 10,000 DIY Plans

  • 10,000 projects
  • step by step instructions
  • materials & cutting lists
  • detailed schematics
  • lifetime updates

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This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly fees

as seen on..

6,000 Projects That Includes Every Type of Project You Can Dream Of!

Arbor PlansBarn PlansBat House PlansBed PlansBedroom Plans
Bee Hive PlansBench PlansBilliard PlansBird Feeder PlansBirdhouse Plans

Boat Plans
Book Case PlansBox PlansBridge PlansBucket Plans
Cabin PlansCabinet PlansCandle PlansCarport PlansCart Plans
CD&DVD Holder PlansCellar PlansChair PlansChest PlansChicken House Plans
Children Room PlansClock PlansCoaster PlansCoffee Table PlansCoffee Table Plans
Cold Frame PlansCompost Bin PlansComputer Desk PlansCradle PlansCraft Plans
Cutting Board PlansDeck PlansDesk PlansDIY PlansDog House Plans
Door PlansDresser PlansDrill Press PlansEasel PlansEntertainment Plans
Farms shop PlansFence PlansFirePlaces & Mantel PlansFloor PlansFor Kids Plans
Frames PlansGarage PlansGarden PlansGazebo PlansGreenHouse Plans
Guitar PlansGun Rack PlansHammock PlansHumidor PlansHutch Plans
Jig PlansKitchen PlansKnife Block PlansLamp PlansLandscape Plans
Lathe PlansMailBox PlansMirror PlansMiscellaneous PlansOutdoor Plans
Pergola PlansPlanter PlansPlayhouse PlansRabbit House PlansRack Plans
Router PlansScreen PlansScroll Saw PlansShed PlansShelf Plans
Signs & Displays PlansStand PlansStool PlansStorage PlansSwing Plans
Table PlansTools PlansToy PlansTray PlansTrellis Plans
Utility Building PlansWagon PlansWeather Station PlansWind Generator PlansWindmill Plans

Covers ALL Types of Projects From Large To Small

This is a very comprehensive package. It is in-depth and it covers almost any kind of woodworking project


Total Number of Projects


Happy Customers


Diy Projects Created

Plans So Detailed…It Practically Builds Itself!

All your projects comes with highly detailed schematics so there is no need for guesswork!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get:

Complete DIY guide with 10.000 woodworking projects

You might think that you have to pay me a fortune to get access to the projects and education I collected for you through the years. Actually, I don’t work like that.

I know how it feels to get frustrated about not finding the right plans or the instructions you need to be able to build a nice DIY-project. That’s why I would like to give you my complete collection of woodworking projects for a low and fair price.

After you bought my ultimate guide, you can start building your own woodworking project immediately. You will discover how easy it is to follow the clear instructions in the plans and to actually understand the information that is given to you.

In this way, you never have to struggle with the wrong dimensions or unclear projects anymore. You are able to build with your hands what your eyes see.

Everything You Need In A Plan

Every plan includes detailed instructions, bill of materials, cutting lists, photos, 3D diagrams and more. It contains everything you’ll need to get the job done right, the very first time.

Buy exact amounts which means you’ll avoidmultiple trips to the store and avoid wastage wrong materials or the wrong quantity.

See details of every angle, every corner and every joint. When details are this clear, your project builds itself! All the pieces just “click” into place.

Complete ANY Project

No matter what your skill level, will give you the right instructions, tools and confidence to build ANY project quickly and easily. I’ll hold you by your hand and guide you from project preparation to finishing.

All my plans cover ALL levels of skill and competence.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, an amateur woodworker with hand tools or a seasoned pro, you’ll find thousands of projects that will suit your level.

10,000 “Done For You” Projects

Download over 10,000 “done for you” projects with step-by-step blueprints and easy to follow instructions.

There are detailed designs with A to Z instructions. Sharp, colorful take-you-by-the-hand blueprints makes the most challenging project a walk in the park!

Thousands of Projects to “Copy”

With the detailed projects, you can create award-winning projects like the professionals effortlessly in a small fraction of the time it currently takes you.

From large outhouses to intricate crafts and furniture around the house, I’ve got EVERYTHING covered. You would be able to build any project you could ever imagine.

Instant Online Access + Bonuses

Get immediate access to all the projects within minutes in the members area. You’ll get LIFETIME access to the membership which includes all 10,000 plans PLUS free monthly plans to download.

My Get a lifetime of inspiration and never run out of ideas!

Testimonials From Instagram & Facebook Fans

“ Every DIY-er should have this package”

However I start building since my first house (1987), I saw many woodworking plans, books and blueprints. This is simply the best so far!

Not only the fact that this package has more plans than you should ever need, but it is also very clear and easy to follow.

Jason Williams, Milwaukee

“Finally a double bed ;-)”

Hi Owen, I would like to thank you for the Package. After I searched a week long for a woodworking plan for a double bed, I landed on your website.

However I was a sceptic, I bought the package…afterwards, I am very pleased that I did. I just starting to live together and would love to have a double bed  That has succeed thanks to your plan!

Not only the fact that this package has more plans than you should ever need, but it is also very clear and easy to follow.

Jason Williams, Milwaukee

“ My students love it”

Hello Owen,

In this way, I would like to thank you for the plans & projects!

I’m a technology teacher at a secondary education school and was searching for woodworking plans for my students. Well, the next few years I can move forward, thanks to your package!

Kind regards,

Jack Mccormick – Teacher N.A Technical College – California

Claim These Exclusive Bonuses If You Order Today

If you get in today, I’ll give you 4 special time-limited bonuses that will help you get going with your woodworking projects even faster…

..over 500 How-To Videos

DWG & CAD Plan Viewer!

Lifetime Updates

V.I.P Woodworking Plans


This is what my exclusive DIY-knowledge will cost you

As I told you, I want you to become a happy and satisfied DIY-er. Just because I know how frustrating it is to have a lack of the right plans, blueprints, and projects.

Some of the experienced and professional woodworkers I know are selling their knowledge for a high price. I understand that because this know-how is precious and exclusive because it makes you able to build any kind of project yourself. Imagine how much money you can save with that.

But not for me. I would like my collection of 10.000 woodworking projects is affordable for anyone. Therefore, I will give you lifetime access to all of my exclusive knowledge, instruction videos, tips & tricks, and woodworking plans. Complete with the right material lists and dimensions.

You’ll receive an email right away that will give you instant download access.

This offer is now valid and will expire in a short manner of time. Then you would pay 47,00 – 67,00 dollars for this program without any bonuses. (also very cheap).

Click the BIG “YES LET ME IN” button below to get Direct Access to all the plans, projects and bonuses:

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Still in doubt?

No risks with my 7 days money-back-guarantee

Because I believe 100% in my product, and I know for sure that it will bring you a lot of benefits, I will give you 7 days to try out my plans. That means a 0% risk for you.

You’ll receive an email right away that will give you instant download access.

Still, have any questions?

I can imagine that you still might have some questions about this offer of 10.000+ woodworking plans. Because I love to keep it clear, I will answer them for you right away.

What is the validity of this woodworking projects offer?

You can buy my woodworking projects for this low price. Just don’t wait too long. Before you know it the time’s up and you need to pay the normal price of 47 – 67 dollars.

Are these projects suitable for both experienced DIY-ers and beginners?

Yes, as soon as you have access to my projects, you will discover how clear and complete they are. You can think of material lists, dimensions and all of the knowledge you need to build a nice project yourself. Not only for beginners, but also for experienced DIY-ers.

Are the projects easy to read and understand?

All the projects that I will reveal to you are easy to read and understand. That also means that it doesn’t cost you a lot of time to start building your own project.

So, let’s face it. These are the 3 things that you can do right now:

1. Take notice of this page to come back later and buy my woodworking projects. Notice that I can’t give you any guarantees that the price is still the same if you leave right now. You might find out that you have to buy the projects for 47  – 67 dollars, instead of the price that I can offer you right now.

2. Start a new searching on the internet to see if you can get other woodworking projects. In fact, most of the time this action turns out in a disappointment because the plans and projects you will find are incomplete, very expensive and not as clear as you wished for.

3. You make a change in your DIY experience and decide to buy my projects. This will give you lifetime access to more than 10.000 woodworking projects and will be a choice that you won’t regret.

You’ll receive an email right away that will give you instant download access.

[Secure Your Special Launch Price Now >>]

This is a one-time purchase. There are NO monthly fees

(This price will not last for long. We are only offering this price as a launch special and this launch price closes soon)

Depending on sales volume the price may raise at any time.

[ONLY 31 copies Left at this price]


After then, the price goes up!

Owen Riley

P.S DIY-er? I have 10.000 woodworking plans for you, for every kind of do-it-yourself project you can think of. This saves you a lot of research. Temporarily for just 7 dollar and you will get bonuses with a BIG value for free. But: just now. Do your profit with it fast.

P.P.S What are you going to do? You have 3 options:

1. Leave this page without any action, to return later to see that the price went up to 47,00 or 67,00. 2. Searching for other woodworking plans and drawings that most of the time are unclear, incomplete and expensive. 3. You decide to try my package for 7 days for the price of 7 dollar and never have to pay a cent for woodworking plans anymore.

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disclaimer: Projects with step-by-step plans. Each of the projects are detailed enough to leave nothing to guesswork yet simple enough for beginners. Even if you don’t have a large workshop or expensive tools! Not spending days, months or years looking for something or spending a fortune hiring someone to do it for you! not every igpost or video, igtvpost or video and fbpost or video is in the woodplans package. For more diy inspiration we post a lot of videos en pictures.  All the plans and bonuses are in download version.